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Major Car Service

Our Bi-Annual Major Car Service is an all-encompassing package designed to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, safely, and efficiently. This thorough service, recommended annually or at key mileage points, includes:

  • Engine inspection with oil and filter changes for peak performance.
  • Replacement of spark plugs, air, and fuel filters to enhance fuel efficiency.
  • Brake system check for optimal safety.
  • Suspension and steering examination for flawless handling.
  • Cooling system assessment to prevent overheating.
  • Comprehensive checks of the battery, tires, and alignment for reliability and comfort.
  • Diagnostic scan to preemptively tackle any electronic system issues.

Our expert technicians use only high-quality parts and fluids, aligning with manufacturer specifications to uphold your warranty. Opt for our Major Car Service for a detailed vehicle check-up that promises peace of mind and extends the longevity and performance of your car. Trust us to keep your vehicle in top condition, ensuring a superior driving experience.

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