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Manufacturer Car Servicing

Protect your vehicle warranty and re-sale value

At Bookar, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in prime condition. Log Book Servicing, also known as scheduled servicing or manufacturer's servicing, is a type of vehicle maintenance and servicing program recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. When you purchase a new car, the manufacturer provides you with a logbook that outlines the recommended service schedule. This schedule specifies when and what type of maintenance and inspections should be performed on the vehicle at specific mileage or time intervals.

  • Manufacturer Service Schedules
  • Ensures vehicle longevity
  • Protects the vehicle re-sale value
  • Manufacturer Approved Parts
  • Safeguards your warranty
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Service Features

Manufacturer-Approved Excellence: Our Logbook Car Servicing adheres to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, ensuring that your vehicle continues to operate at its best. We use the same specifications, guidelines, and genuine parts specified by the manufacturer to protect your warranty.
Skilled Technicians: Our team of experienced and certified technicians has a deep understanding of various vehicle makes and models. They're equipped with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to perform servicing efficiently and accurately.
Comprehensive Maintenance: Our Logbook Car Servicing covers all the necessary tasks to keep your vehicle in peak condition, including oil changes, filter replacements, brake inspections, tire rotations, fluid level checks, and more. We leave no detail overlooked.
Warranty Protection: Following the manufacturer's recommended servicing schedule helps you maintain your vehicle's warranty. By choosing Charlie's Car Care for Logbook Servicing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your warranty is protected.
Personalized Service: We understand that every vehicle is unique, and our approach to Logbook Servicing is tailored to the specific needs of your car. We consider your vehicle's age, mileage, and any special requirements to provide a service that's just right.
Service Records: We maintain records of every Logbook Service performed. This documented history can be valuable for future reference, resale, and demonstrating the excellent care your vehicle has received.

Why Choose Charlie's Car Care for Logbook Servicing

Expertise: Our technicians are skilled and well-trained, ensuring that your vehicle is in capable hands.
Warranty Protection: We safeguard your vehicle's warranty while delivering top-notch servicing.
Transparency: We provide clear explanations of the services performed and any additional recommendations for your consideration.
Convenience: We strive to make servicing hassle-free by offering flexible scheduling options.

Ensure your vehicle's long-term health and performance with Bookar Logbook Car Servicing. Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely, just as the manufacturer intended. Contact us today to schedule your Logbook Service and experience the difference in care and quality that only Bookar can provide.